Safe, Homemade, and Healthy Rabbit Toys

Rabbits love to chew and for domesticated rabbits, it’s up to them to find something to fill that urge—and find it they will! It is my suggestion that you would provide healthy rabbit toys as safe alternatives for your bunny to chew on because her teeth are always growing and chewing helps to keep them trimmed. If she does not meet this necessary need, it can cause her teeth to grow too long, which can interfere with grooming and eating habits.

Safe, Homemade, and Healthy Rabbit Toys - Natural Rabbit Care

Chewing for your furry friend is so enjoyable for them as well, so here are a few really simple ideas that can help your bunny to enjoy herself, as well as meet her chewing needs and prevent future health hazards.

Apple Wood Bundles

Apple wood is a safe, non-toxic wood for rabbits to chew on. A few branches tied together with short pieces of cotton yarn (clip off loose ends after tying) makes a fun treat for rabbits, as well as a great way to allow them to satisfy their urge to chew!

Cardboard Box Fun

Fill a small cardboard box with timothy hay and set it in your bunny’s hutch or cage for her to play with. It will exercise her and keep her busy seeking the delicious hay that is inside, and if the box is large enough, she can get some digging action out of it, which is another thing they love to do!

Willow Basket Treat

Fill a willow basket with timothy hay and safe herbs such as rosemary, which has a woody stem, or something tasty like basil or parsley. If your rabbit is particularly stressed or high strung, you could add any of these herbs to help her relax along with the hay and you will be practicing natural herbal and preventive care with the same toy!

Safe, Homemade, and Healthy Rabbit Toys - Natural Rabbit Care

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