Bunny Salad Recipe: Borage, Peppermint, Comfrey and Green Apple

feed your rabbits fresh salads for nutrition and good health

Rabbits do have delicate systems, but they are fortunate to be able to enjoy many foods that are both safe and nutritious for them. Here at Natural Rabbit Care, we are trying some new and exciting recipes to give our rabbits the added benefit of a diet full of variety and packed with nutrients. Here’s […]


3 Simple Ways to Prevent Rabbit Obesity

Preventing Rabbit Obesity - Natural Rabbit Care

Rabbit obesity can be easy to achieve if we are not careful. Once our little friends are carrying a few extra ounces or even pounds, it can mean the difference in whether or not they are able to groom themselves, get proper nutrition, and live a full life. Rabbit obesity is a problem that can […]



Picking Your New Mini Lop

              Picking a new rabbit can be rather daunting. So today I’m going to write about my favorite breed: Mini Lops. I’ve always found them to be great pets, and I’d just like to share my information with people trying to pick their breed. This post will be about […]

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